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Review #19 Escape From The Forbidden Planet--by Julie Anne Grasso

This book has it all: Elves, evil clones, intergalactic travel, adventure, techie talk,science talk, the battle of good vs. evil and tons of food and dessert references that will make your mouth water while you read.

This book is about Elfin world that has a natural resource that other planets in the galaxy are after. The Elf people are betrayed by someone close to them so that they can gain power by selling the elf planets natural resource to beings of another planet called the Alexanders. From there adventure ensues for the main character Caramel Cinnamon. Caramel is left for dead on a forbidden planet. She tries to work her magic as only elves can to heal and to speak telepathically to others. Caramel has to go through many obstacles to help her in the evil fight against the Alexanders as she tries to save her planet...Will justice be restored or will the Alexanders of the galaxy take over reign of the Elfin planet? ... read and find out what happens in the adventures of Caramel Cinnamon.

 This book is great for kids and adults alike. I enjoyed it because it had a great plot and it kept me wanting to read more as I got further into the story. I loved the sci-fi feel mixed with the fantasy world of elves that love their desserts. Julie Anne Grasso seems to take from her career of healing(nursing) and her husbands career of computer engineering and swirled them together with technology, science,elves and caramel to create this delicious book. It's part geeky, part science, and part fun, all brought together to become this awesome book called Escape From The Forbidden Planet. I would recommend this book to reading age kids and adults who like sci-fi kids books.
 Definitely something different. I really enjoyed reading it!

I was given this book as a gift from the author for review. All my comments are my own and I was not paid for this review.

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Reviews Coming Soon Page!

Check out the reviews coming soon page. Do you have a children's book that you would like reviewed? Let me know!

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Review#18 Wobby Blobby Ooh! on --by J.R. Poulter

Ebooks for kids - Wobby Blobby Ooh! - uTales 
This book is a funny book about the horrible smells that a baby can make. It's a short book about a big brother that smells something horrible,  like a plume of toxic gas, the smell is so horrible he freaks out. He realizes that it's his brother's smell is a poopy diaper! It's a entertaining little book  that you can relate to if you have little ones in the house  and especially if you have two kids, because kids will say things like what is that smell. This book answers that questions for sure with great illustrations of the "gas"..haha! You can find this little book on utales. The author tells me they are trying to add some "fart" sound effects soon. Who doesn't love fart sounds! More about utales from their website:

uTales is a world of digital picture books for kids, driven by a worldwide community of passionate and professional writers and illustrators.
uTales is both a website and an app, but more importantly uTales is one big disruptive idea. We’re a global community aiming to innovate and improve the concept of books in every way we can. We’re making picture books more modern and engaging. We’re making a greater variety of picture books more accessible for kids everywhere. We’re eliminating boundaries for talented storytellers to get published. And we’re trying to make the world a little better for kids, one story at a time.

Review#17--Beautiful, Magical, Amazing Ballet -- By Mary Lee

This is the second book of the Mia Book collection by Mary Lee -- Beautiful, Magical, Amazing Ballet is about  The little girl named Mia going to her first day of ballet class. Mia thought that ballerinas were the most beautiful, magical, and amazing people ever. She loved the puffy dresses and pretty shoes and everything else about them. She soon would find out that being a ballerina was harder than it looks, but with the help of her fellow ballerinas she would still have a beautiful, magical and amazing day in ballet class. In this book Mia thinks that she can just  make up ballet moves, but realizes that it might end in failure. She realizes that when directions are followed by watching the teacher she was able to be a great ballerina. She also has great classmates that show teamwork and support her whether she fails or succeeds.  My daughter does dance class and she loves it, she also loved this book especially the pictures of ballerinas. This book teaches kids that its alright to fail, and that you should try again, because even if you aren't good at one type of dance move you might be good at another. This book is a great addition to the first Mia book and I'm sure there will be more to come.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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Reviews for Books

If you have any children's e-book that you want reviewed or you can recommend please send them my way. I'm always looking for the best  independent children's e-books to review ans to get get independent authors books more exposure, so please contact me via email at michaelsantolini(at)gmail(dot)com

Reviews will summarize what we thought the book was about from our perspective and personal view on the subject.

I am not paid for any review

I mostly read to my kids, but I also read the books alone for review. My kids are ages 5, 3 and 1.

A few things before contacting us:
  1. I do not guarantee a review of your book. By contacting us, we are agreeing to consider it for review by either ourselves or one of our regular contributors.
  2. I believe everyone should get a fair chance at a good review. I give 4 and 5 stars  for amazon, goodreads, and I post the review here on my blog, but I don't usually give it a rating on my blog.
  3.  I post the review with a link to the book for sale mostly the link is from If I think it doesn't deserve a 4 or 5 star review I don't post a review. I haven't had to do this yet.
  4. I will strive to provide you with a reasonable turnaround time but cannot guarantee a review within a specific time frame.
  5. I can review e-books or print, but If you would like me to review a print book please let me know by email michaelsantolini(at)gmail(dot)com.



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Review #16-- Bosley Sees the World - Spanish Written by Tim Johnson,

This is a book that is a bilingual book in English and Spanish. There are also books available in English with: French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, German,  Italian,  and Arabic. These books  that are bilingual are great. Its always a good thing to teach kids more than one language, and books are a great way to start. I especially like that there are the same words and simple phrases, opposites, highlighted words, contextual learning, and corresponding imagery  on the page in both English and the foreign language.  I also enjoyed the colorful pictures in this book. The book is a simple story about a bear who goes on a journey to climb a mountain and realizes there is much more of the world to see. Also a great story to make a collection of stories with new words for kids to learn.  There is also a glossary in the back of the book that goes over the new words in English and the foreign language again to repeat the words just learned in the book. Hopefully there will be many more adventures from Bosley the bear.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review#15--Savannah’s Story Written and Illustrated By Jodi Stone

Savannah is a little girl who believes in magic. What lead her to believe in magic is partly her imagination and the fact that she was bored in her room, all alone. She was looking for someone to play with, but her sisters had "better" things to do.  Savannah was upset at first, but she was soon distracted by her dollhouse and her imagination and magic wishes had taken over. Soon she wished she could play in her doll house and before she knew it her wish had come true. She was small, as small as the dolls, and finally had someone to play with that was her size. Or at least she shrunk down to their size. The story continues with Savannah's adventures. She finally was tired of being in the dollhouse and realized she wanted to get back to her family. When she finally returned to be a normal size again she was very grateful, but she will always cherish the  magic that brought her to that special place inside the dollhouse.

Having kids I can say that they are probably the most imaginative and free thinking when they are alone with no distraction. They just play and make believe the greatest things, and they believe they are real. Sometimes it's sad to see them grow up and loose that imagination and magic that they had as small children, but I guess that is why we have books like this to remind us that our imaginations can still live on if we let them, as long as we believe in our heart. This book was given to me as a ARC  by the author.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review #14-- Mailbox Kitten Written by Mammy Oaklee and illustrated by Patricia J. Westbrook

This story starts out describing, a mailbox, a joyful mailbox that is the symbol of country living, freedom, and the unknown. It's all about the country living adventure, working on the land and living free. Then there are the mail ladies, the ladies that deliver the mail and will be friends of the farm forever because of their friendly nature. The mailbox kitten came as a gift from the mail ladies, a lost kitten, not belonging to anyone they know, so it was given to Bubba the little boy at Heart of Bottoms Up 2/3 Acre. They took in the kitten and gave it a good home and a good life. I won't give away the rest of the story, but there is a lot of love and God's will to create opportunity from this experience and adventure. In this story the love comes from Bubba caring for the kitten and Bubba's parents determination to find the kitten, for Bubba and the whole family to love. The kittens have brought the family much joy and adventure. This is a great story for young kids to realize the true meaning of caring, and that God will show us the way to love.

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The Rainbow Stick Boy-- now a physical book on Create Space and soon sold on!

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Just A Thought: The Rainbow Stick Boy

Just A Thought: The Rainbow Stick Boy: This children's book is a description of how people in society tend to place people into sections of society based on how they look or w...

The Rainbow Stick Boy is FREE today and tomorrow (August 30th -- Sept.1st) -

My book " The Rainbow Stick Boy " is free today and tomorrow please check it out!-- I'm extending it another day. MY BOOK WILL BE SEPTEMBER 1st  ALSO!

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review#13--Brittle Bones by S. E. Pearl

This is a fun little book that tells the story of the dinosaurs in a simple, fun and imaginative way. It has simple pictures that little children will be sure to love. A man buys bones and plants them in his backyard to grow dinosaurs. It rained and sprouted dinosaurs, the dinosaurs had a great summer with eating treats and having a pool party, but when the autumn came the dinosaurs were sad because they knew their time had almost come to an end. They finally disappeared to be seen no more. All we have left is the bones to tell their story.  This is  a great little read that will give young kids a fun way to relate to the time of dinosaurs. If your kid is interested in dinosaurs they will probably enjoy this e-book.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Review#12--The Funny Adventures of Little Nani--CINTA GARC√ćA DE LA ROSA

This book has not been published just yet, but I received a ARC from the author of this children's book. This story takes you through a whimsical journey of a little girl named Nani. She has magical powers by use of a magic wand that she took an online course on how to use it. This book sucks you into the story of a very magical, happy, funny, silly, charming, sometimes naughty, but naive little girl's adventures. She uses her magic wand to help her along her fairy tale journeys. Sometimes Nani tries to make things better with her magic, but she isn't quite as skilled as she would like to be and things turn out terribly wrong. She makes friends into animals and changes animals into other animals, but she also makes friends with people and animals she talks to along the way. The stories of the people she meets always get part of what they want to change, but not in the most pleasing way. She has a carefree attitude about most of the mishaps she makes, but she does show regret that they have happened. She always had good intentions at least! This book is a little longer than I usually read for a review, but the more I read it the more I wanted to read it... It drew me into the stories of this little witch girl that will have many adventures to come!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review #11-- The Adventures of Minibro The Chair of Power

This is a entertaining little book about sibling rivalry and the youngest or smallest of the family doing what it takes to get his share of the chair. In this free ebook the five brothers are always on Minibros case and never let him do anything fun or anything his brothers get to do. In this situation Minibro needs to outwit his bigger brothers to get what he really wants and what he can't have. He does this by trying to attract his brothers with other material objects in the attic, so that he could enjoy the chair that his brothers have never let him use. Sometime when you are the smallest you have to be the smartest to get what you want and survive, you have to be creative in distracting or luring others away from what you want. This is a fun little book with cool illustrations.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review #10--Relative Motion --By Jacob Beers and Julie Shoup

This is a kids book about relative motion...Yes a kids book about relative motion. What is relative motion?

     The laws of physics which apply when you are at rest on the earth also apply when you are in any reference frame which is moving at a constant velocity with respect to the earth. For example, you can toss and catch a ball in a moving bus if the motion is in a straight line at constant speed. The motion may have a different appearance as viewed from a different reference frame, but this can be explained by including the relative velocity of the reference frame in the description of the motion.[]

     So this is a physics book for kids. It takes a relatively (pun intended) complex physics concept and makes it fairly simple in a cute kids story. It starts out by defining motion and relative motion and then moves into a story about Jimmy and his relative motion the the earth and to a bus.I like science. I work in science, so I really like this little kids e-book. I think my son would like it as well. He is really into science and engineering and wants to know how everything works. A perfect book to explain a concept that some adults have a hard time grasping, and on it's only $0.99!

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Review#9--Not Just a Princess--By Mary Lee

Not Just a Princess is about a little girl named Mia. Mia is called princess by her mother and father, but Mia finds out that there is much more to life than being just a princess. She pretends to be a lot of things and dreams of a magical land. Her mother and father call her princess, but she wants to be more than a princess. She lets her imagination and dreams run free to be whatever she wants to be. Mia is not held back by boundaries that adults are often held back by. The message in this book is to let your children dream whatever they want to be.  My son has a crazy imagination like Mia and I enjoy every minute of it, because I know one day it will not be as wild as it is now. I enjoyed this children's picture book for its story and its colorful pictures. 

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Recomendations for review

If you have any children's e-book that you want reviewed or you can recommend please send them my way. I'm always looking for the best  independent author of children's e-books to review to get independent authors works more exposure please contact me via email at michaelsantolini(at)gmail(dot)com

Reviews will summarize what we thought the book was about from our perspective and personal view on the subject.

I am not paid for any review

I mostly read to my kids, but I also read the books alone for review. My kids are ages 5, 3 and 1.

A few things before contacting us:
  1. I do not guarantee a review of your book. By contacting us, we are agreeing to consider it for review by either ourselves or one of our regular contributors.
  2. I believe everyone should get a fair chance at a good review. I give 4 and 5 stars  for amazon, goodreads, and I post the review here on my blog, but I don't usually give it a rating on my blog.
  3.  I post the review with a link to the book for sale mostly the link is from If I think it doesn't deserve a 4 or 5 star review I don't post a review. I haven't had to do this yet.
  4. We will strive to provide you with a reasonable turnaround time but cannot guarantee a review within a specific time frame.
  5. I take e-books or print, but If you would like me to review a print book please let me know by email michaelsantolini(at)gmail(dot)com.



Review#8 -- Monkey Bars--Prachi Gangwal

This a great little story only about 12 pages, but it's also free right now on The message is about determination and the way a little girl learns about determination to hang on the monkey bars by watching a baby bird learn to fly.  Check out this free book!

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The Rainbow Stick Boy --NOW $0.99

My ebook The Rainbow Stick Boy is now only $0.99!!

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My second review on

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Creative Story! August 7, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed quite a few things about this book. I loved that the illustrations were made with WikiStix! Awesome! I also loved that Rainbow Stick boy made a straw suit - how cool is that. The ending was very cool too! I can't wait to read this to my kids tomorrow!
 Thanks Eric!
Also now on

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Review #7--Molly's Magic Treasure-- By Molly Assad

Molly is so happy before her first day before going into second grade. The second grade teacher is said to have special powers to lead students on a scavenger hunt to find their hidden talent. Is this teacher really have special powers? Or is she just a special teacher that cares for every child and helps them to discover their own talents through: never judging, supporting the children's interests, and encouraging children to explore. Molly is always waiting for Mrs. Powers to tell her what her special talent is... but Molly finds out that only she can find her 'hidden' talent, and only God can guide you to your gifts in life and release the magic or special powers inside yourself. A great little story about discovering yourself for children and giving them the confidence to follow their dreams.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indie Children's e-books on Kindle--- Name change

So Why the name change? I realized that there are a lot of great Kindle books for kids out there, but I want to support independent authors like myself. I also want to bring good books to you to read or at least read my review. So the criteria for choosing books I review are:

  • The book must be good that means have a review of over 4 stars or if I can find a book with no reviews that is very good I will review for my blog also.
  • The book must not have more than 10 reviews already. I want to bring attention of lesser known indie authors to as many people as I can. A book that has 15,20,30 good reviews  doesn't need any more attention from blogs like mine.
  • Books with less than 3 stars are probably rated that way for a reason. They are not the best of the best of the e-books out there. 
  • The author shouldn't have more than 3 books published on If an author has a lot of books they probably have success in their sales and get decent reviews. 
  • I also don't like to review authors that have a hardback or paperback for sale. Most of the time they have a big publisher backing them or they already fit in one of the above categories. 
  • As always there will be exceptions to these rules, but these are the reasons for the name change. Just wanted to let you know.



If you would like to submit a children's e-book you can e-mail me
There is no guarantee that your book will be reviewed on my blog (I have to really like the book) but if I do review it and it meets the criteria above I will try and get it on the blog in a timely manner. Thanks again!

Amazon Author Central Profile-- Check it out!

 Check out my Author Central Page on Amazon... and support indie artist!

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Review #6-- Nobody Can Take My Happy Away-- by Jessica Arnold and Patricia Arnold

     Emily and her family move to a new town and Emily has to go to a new school. She is excited at first, but she soon realizes that going to a new school wouldn't be easy.  Kids are mean to her just because they are a tiny bit different and Emily unfortunately has to endure this behavior from others. Emily gets teased on the first day, and the teasing and bullying just goes on and on. The bullying starts to to bother her and make her fell uncomfortable, worried and hurt her self esteem . It takes a strong, and mature person to overcome these things.
     Emily's feelings are hurt, but she tried not to show her true feelings. Kids kept saying she looks different, she sounds different, and her clothes are different. All Emily, or any kid in this situation, wants to do is fit in. Kids in this situation like Emily in the book begin to close up and build a wall around her. She finally realized she is different from others and much more unique (Which in my opinion can be a great thing), and nicer than others. The other kids just don't realize what damage they can do when bullying or teasing others.
     Fortunately for Emily she finds friends with the same interests as her. It's a great way to make friends! Her and her friends find ways to make things better for themselves by talking about  the bullies and drawing pictures to describe how they felt when people were treating them badly. There are so many good messages in this book it's hard to discuss all of them here. Arnold really sums up all the issues of bullying together in this great story about a teenage girl living a "normal" teenage life. A girl that  just wants to have fun, live life, and have friends to share her experiences with. --- The main message of this story is the title---Nobody can take your happy away... unless you let them! Lots of great messages at the end of the book as well.

A great picture I found about bullying... Only talking about it and educating others can help bring this awful behavior to an end!

Student Bullying
[Source: Buckfire and]

Student bullying in schools in the United States is a serious issue and very prevalent in our school systems today. The statistics show that a student is bullied every seven minutes in our country and that most bullying occurs on playgrounds. The effects of bullying are profound and have a major psychological impact on the bullied student and often causes learning problems in the classroom.
The majority of states have bullying laws on the books, but most are not significant enough to impact this problem or reduce the amount of bullying that occurs nationwide. Without more stringent laws and the actual enforcement of those laws, school systems will not feel the pressure to take the affirmative measures necessary to eliminate the bullying problem that terrorizes so many innocent and vulnerable children everyday.

My First Review for Rainbow Stick Boy on

 My first review on amazon from Flo Barnett (author of -No Way to Haircut Day! )
--Thanks again Flo

5.0 out of 5 stars The beauty of diversity, July 28, 2012 By Liam Alexander - This review is from: The Rainbow Stick Boy (A children's book about diversity and the beauty within; Ages 4-12) (Kindle Edition)

Flo Barnett, Pittsburgh, PA

"The Rainbow Stick Boy" touched my heart! I have been an early childhood educator for many, many years and have always promoted a love for differences whether they be in race, religion, resolution etc. Reaching children at a young age to both recognize and embrace diversity is the best way to achieve world peace in the future. This statement may seem far-reaching on the surface,but I guarantee you if we don't start when they're young, our chances diminish dramatically as they become older. Children fear differences unless we teach them to not only not fear them, but foster a love for people and things that are not a reflection of what's the status quo. Michael's book, quite simply gives us an effective and beautiful springboard for broaching the subject of diversity with our very youngest. Thanks Michael, well done!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Review #5--There's A Human In My Closet--Ryan Leach & Mike Bombon

There's A Human In My Closet is about a little zombie boy named Zed. The tides are turned, instead of a kid being scared of the undead like Zed. Zed, a zombie boy, is scared of a human in his closet. His mom and dad of course don't believe him that there is a human in his closet. Zed likes to cry human, a lot like some of the little humans in our world, he doesn't tell the truth sometimes. When he does tell the truth, nobody believes him. He would rather sleep all day than face the night in his room alone. His parents don't understand why he could be scared, as he is a zombie boy, but the boy in his closet seems a bit twisted for a human kid. You will have to read it to find out what happens, but all I can say is someday I hope they find Zed! Is he dead?!
     My son would love this book, he is always talking about his monster friends and how he tells them to do stuff... and how he has his own world with monsters. If your children are into zombies, monsters, or being devious I think they would enjoy this short book with simple but storytelling pictures..

Friday, July 27, 2012

Review #4 No Way to Haircut Day!-- Flo Barnett

As you can guess this is a kids book about a kid not wanting to get a haircut. Have your kids acted out during a haircut, especially a first haircut? Well if so this is the book for them! I have had relatively good luck with my kids, they weren't really scared or defiant, but my son does get grumpy because he doesn't like the way we have his hair cut. My daughter was great the first time considering she didn't get a haircut until she was about 3 years old. She just doesn't want to get her long (Rapunzel) hair to be cut short, due to her twirling her hair and getting it all knotted up. Anyway...this book is about a kid who tells the story of getting he hair cut and how he hates it. His dad has to drag him into the barber shop. His dad has to sit with him in the barber's chair, because he is out of control. It all ends well... he gets haircut and a lollipop. If your kid is out of control maybe this book would be a great book to show them ever thing will be alright. $0.99.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review #3 "The Greatest Job In The World"-- By Paul Peters

Tonight was one of those nights I was looking for a book with this message. When you are tired, beat down, wake up early and stay up late, and do it again day after day, sometimes you ask yourself why is being a parent  some times so difficult? If you have one kid or 5 kids parenting is not the easiest job but it is maybe the most important job you will ever have and according to Paul Peters it is the greatest job in the world. One that you don't get paid monetarily, but by love, and all those little things that people that are not parents will probably never really experienced or might not ever understand.  The Greatest Job In The World is about a man named Woodrow that is in search of the greatest job in the world. When asked what the greatest job in the world is, one might not think of parenting right away. In this simply worded children's book Woodrow goes to school to learn about and search out the greatest job in the world. He soon finds there are many that sound promising, but some of them don't work out so well. There are some that he only dreams about. There are jobs he finally does when he grows up, but he quickly finds out that jobs are important to different people, but you will only find out that parenting is the greatest job when you become a parent. As you can tell by now I love books with a great message. This book definitely has the message that your kid might not understand now, but they might remember this book when they have children of their own. The illustrations in this book are well done and unique and each page is simply worded. It is a short read! If you like books with a good message, and read I would recommend this e-book. I wish it was a little cheaper, but it's still not too bad at $2.99 at It is also available on a number of other formats.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Review #2 -- The Giving Tree (Wishing it was a Kindle e-book. Maybe someday!) Review To say that this particular apple tree is a "giving tree" is an understatement. I know! I know! It's been reviewed so many times before, but it's a classic that got me into children's books so much more than I ever had been before, and it's not on Kindle :( Wouldn't it be great if it was available on Kindle or in e-book form?! I love this book because its about a living tree that gives so much and never expects much in return except to be loved. It's such a simple story, but such a great story for kids. Shel Silverstein is one of great authors that gave me the inspiration to write and illustrate my first children's book. If you haven't read it... buy it and read it it might change the way you think about relationships and life! Some good stuff from Wikipedia taken from "The Giving Tree: A Symposium from" Since publication, the book has generated controversy and opposing opinions for its interpreted messages, on whether the tree is self-sacrificing or merely selfless, and whether the boy is selfish or reasonable in his demands of the tree. The story clearly shows childhood as being a time of relative happiness in comparison to the sacrifice and responsibility of adulthood. Some academic readers describe the book as portraying a vicious, one-sided relationship between the tree and the boy; the tree is a selfless giver, and the boy as a greedy and insatiable entity that constantly receives, yet never gives anything back to the tree. The boy has a selfish love that could be misrepresented and imitated by its young readers. Indeed, some of these speakers single the tree out as an irresponsible parent whose self-sacrifice has left the boy ill-equipped. Other readers argue that the tree gives everything to the boy freely because it loves him, and its feelings are reciprocated by the boy when he returns to the tree for a rest. In this way, the relationship between the tree and the boy as he grows up could be viewed as similar to that between a parent and child; despite getting nothing in return for a long time, the tree puts the boy's needs foremost, because it wants him to be happy. Indeed, the only time the tree ever seems to be sad is when it feels that it has nothing left to give the boy and that the boy might never return.

Borrow Rainbow Stick Boy now!

If anyone would like to borrow my book The Rainbow Stick Boy please let me know or click on the link.


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Review #1--The Boy Who Cried Over Everything (5 out of 5)

From the Back Cover "Though it's best not to cry when you're mad, it's okay to cry when you're sad" I just finished reading " The Boy Who Cried Over Everything" It was a great story and a memorable ending. It sounds like I should read this to my son. He is like Murray, but he is 5 and STILL whines a lot! Maybe this book would be a good moral for him to learn from. If you have kids that cry or whine I think you would love this book. I gave this book a 5 out of 5 because it had a great story and a great moral message. It was short and to the point for young readers to understand and a book I would read to my son or daughter.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Must Read Children's e-books

I invite you to post your favorite children's e-book here! You can even leave a list, perhaps a top ten...Thanks for all your comments and links in advance!

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Buy The Rainbow Stick Boy Now!

Making of The Rainbow Stick Boy

Since I have 3 kids I wanted to make a book or other media that they could read and say "my dad made this for me". The making of "The Rainbow Stick Boy" took a couple of months to complete, during this time I think I drove my wife crazy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rainbow Stick Boy children's ebook available on

  July 8, 2012
This is the story of Huey, a stick boy who is born a little different than everyone else in the town. He doesn't let his differences keep him down. Huey finds a friend who is also a little different and together they find the magic at the end of the rainbow, and discover that their differences are really only skin deep.

The Rainbow Stick Boy

Please check out my first Kindle e-book on This is the story of Huey, a stick boy who is born a little different than everyone else in the town. He doesn't let his differences keep him down. Huey finds a friend who is also a little different and together they find the magic at the end of the rainbow, and discover that their differences are really only skin deep.