Monday, July 30, 2012

Review #5--There's A Human In My Closet--Ryan Leach & Mike Bombon

There's A Human In My Closet is about a little zombie boy named Zed. The tides are turned, instead of a kid being scared of the undead like Zed. Zed, a zombie boy, is scared of a human in his closet. His mom and dad of course don't believe him that there is a human in his closet. Zed likes to cry human, a lot like some of the little humans in our world, he doesn't tell the truth sometimes. When he does tell the truth, nobody believes him. He would rather sleep all day than face the night in his room alone. His parents don't understand why he could be scared, as he is a zombie boy, but the boy in his closet seems a bit twisted for a human kid. You will have to read it to find out what happens, but all I can say is someday I hope they find Zed! Is he dead?!
     My son would love this book, he is always talking about his monster friends and how he tells them to do stuff... and how he has his own world with monsters. If your children are into zombies, monsters, or being devious I think they would enjoy this short book with simple but storytelling pictures..

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