Monday, August 20, 2012

Review#12--The Funny Adventures of Little Nani--CINTA GARCÍA DE LA ROSA

This book has not been published just yet, but I received a ARC from the author of this children's book. This story takes you through a whimsical journey of a little girl named Nani. She has magical powers by use of a magic wand that she took an online course on how to use it. This book sucks you into the story of a very magical, happy, funny, silly, charming, sometimes naughty, but naive little girl's adventures. She uses her magic wand to help her along her fairy tale journeys. Sometimes Nani tries to make things better with her magic, but she isn't quite as skilled as she would like to be and things turn out terribly wrong. She makes friends into animals and changes animals into other animals, but she also makes friends with people and animals she talks to along the way. The stories of the people she meets always get part of what they want to change, but not in the most pleasing way. She has a carefree attitude about most of the mishaps she makes, but she does show regret that they have happened. She always had good intentions at least! This book is a little longer than I usually read for a review, but the more I read it the more I wanted to read it... It drew me into the stories of this little witch girl that will have many adventures to come!

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  1. Very cute storyline! What did you think of the illustrations? :)

    Found you via Goodreads, I'm a new follower!