Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indie Children's e-books on Kindle--- Name change

So Why the name change? I realized that there are a lot of great Kindle books for kids out there, but I want to support independent authors like myself. I also want to bring good books to you to read or at least read my review. So the criteria for choosing books I review are:

  • The book must be good that means have a review of over 4 stars or if I can find a book with no reviews that is very good I will review for my blog also.
  • The book must not have more than 10 reviews already. I want to bring attention of lesser known indie authors to as many people as I can. A book that has 15,20,30 good reviews  doesn't need any more attention from blogs like mine.
  • Books with less than 3 stars are probably rated that way for a reason. They are not the best of the best of the e-books out there. 
  • The author shouldn't have more than 3 books published on If an author has a lot of books they probably have success in their sales and get decent reviews. 
  • I also don't like to review authors that have a hardback or paperback for sale. Most of the time they have a big publisher backing them or they already fit in one of the above categories. 
  • As always there will be exceptions to these rules, but these are the reasons for the name change. Just wanted to let you know.



If you would like to submit a children's e-book you can e-mail me
There is no guarantee that your book will be reviewed on my blog (I have to really like the book) but if I do review it and it meets the criteria above I will try and get it on the blog in a timely manner. Thanks again!

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