Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My First Review for Rainbow Stick Boy on

 My first review on amazon from Flo Barnett (author of -No Way to Haircut Day! )
--Thanks again Flo

5.0 out of 5 stars The beauty of diversity, July 28, 2012 By Liam Alexander - This review is from: The Rainbow Stick Boy (A children's book about diversity and the beauty within; Ages 4-12) (Kindle Edition)

Flo Barnett, Pittsburgh, PA

"The Rainbow Stick Boy" touched my heart! I have been an early childhood educator for many, many years and have always promoted a love for differences whether they be in race, religion, resolution etc. Reaching children at a young age to both recognize and embrace diversity is the best way to achieve world peace in the future. This statement may seem far-reaching on the surface,but I guarantee you if we don't start when they're young, our chances diminish dramatically as they become older. Children fear differences unless we teach them to not only not fear them, but foster a love for people and things that are not a reflection of what's the status quo. Michael's book, quite simply gives us an effective and beautiful springboard for broaching the subject of diversity with our very youngest. Thanks Michael, well done!

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