Friday, July 27, 2012

Review #4 No Way to Haircut Day!-- Flo Barnett

As you can guess this is a kids book about a kid not wanting to get a haircut. Have your kids acted out during a haircut, especially a first haircut? Well if so this is the book for them! I have had relatively good luck with my kids, they weren't really scared or defiant, but my son does get grumpy because he doesn't like the way we have his hair cut. My daughter was great the first time considering she didn't get a haircut until she was about 3 years old. She just doesn't want to get her long (Rapunzel) hair to be cut short, due to her twirling her hair and getting it all knotted up. Anyway...this book is about a kid who tells the story of getting he hair cut and how he hates it. His dad has to drag him into the barber shop. His dad has to sit with him in the barber's chair, because he is out of control. It all ends well... he gets haircut and a lollipop. If your kid is out of control maybe this book would be a great book to show them ever thing will be alright. $0.99.


  1. Thanks Michael, I appreciate your thoughts on my first children's book, "NO WAY TO HAIRCUT DAY!" I am very happy to make the connection with a fellow children's book author, and maybe we can assist each other in our efforts to both educate and entertain our youngsters. I intend to download "The Rainbow Stick Boy" and inform my readers about its message. Good luck! Flo

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  2. Thanks for the great review and message Flo!