Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review #3 "The Greatest Job In The World"-- By Paul Peters

Tonight was one of those nights I was looking for a book with this message. When you are tired, beat down, wake up early and stay up late, and do it again day after day, sometimes you ask yourself why is being a parent  some times so difficult? If you have one kid or 5 kids parenting is not the easiest job but it is maybe the most important job you will ever have and according to Paul Peters it is the greatest job in the world. One that you don't get paid monetarily, but by love, and all those little things that people that are not parents will probably never really experienced or might not ever understand.  The Greatest Job In The World is about a man named Woodrow that is in search of the greatest job in the world. When asked what the greatest job in the world is, one might not think of parenting right away. In this simply worded children's book Woodrow goes to school to learn about and search out the greatest job in the world. He soon finds there are many that sound promising, but some of them don't work out so well. There are some that he only dreams about. There are jobs he finally does when he grows up, but he quickly finds out that jobs are important to different people, but you will only find out that parenting is the greatest job when you become a parent. As you can tell by now I love books with a great message. This book definitely has the message that your kid might not understand now, but they might remember this book when they have children of their own. The illustrations in this book are well done and unique and each page is simply worded. It is a short read! If you like books with a good message, and read I would recommend this e-book. I wish it was a little cheaper, but it's still not too bad at $2.99 at It is also available on a number of other formats.

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