Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review #11-- The Adventures of Minibro The Chair of Power

This is a entertaining little book about sibling rivalry and the youngest or smallest of the family doing what it takes to get his share of the chair. In this free ebook the five brothers are always on Minibros case and never let him do anything fun or anything his brothers get to do. In this situation Minibro needs to outwit his bigger brothers to get what he really wants and what he can't have. He does this by trying to attract his brothers with other material objects in the attic, so that he could enjoy the chair that his brothers have never let him use. Sometime when you are the smallest you have to be the smartest to get what you want and survive, you have to be creative in distracting or luring others away from what you want. This is a fun little book with cool illustrations.

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