Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review#15--Savannah’s Story Written and Illustrated By Jodi Stone

Savannah is a little girl who believes in magic. What lead her to believe in magic is partly her imagination and the fact that she was bored in her room, all alone. She was looking for someone to play with, but her sisters had "better" things to do.  Savannah was upset at first, but she was soon distracted by her dollhouse and her imagination and magic wishes had taken over. Soon she wished she could play in her doll house and before she knew it her wish had come true. She was small, as small as the dolls, and finally had someone to play with that was her size. Or at least she shrunk down to their size. The story continues with Savannah's adventures. She finally was tired of being in the dollhouse and realized she wanted to get back to her family. When she finally returned to be a normal size again she was very grateful, but she will always cherish the  magic that brought her to that special place inside the dollhouse.

Having kids I can say that they are probably the most imaginative and free thinking when they are alone with no distraction. They just play and make believe the greatest things, and they believe they are real. Sometimes it's sad to see them grow up and loose that imagination and magic that they had as small children, but I guess that is why we have books like this to remind us that our imaginations can still live on if we let them, as long as we believe in our heart. This book was given to me as a ARC  by the author.

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