Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review#18 Wobby Blobby Ooh! on --by J.R. Poulter

Ebooks for kids - Wobby Blobby Ooh! - uTales 
This book is a funny book about the horrible smells that a baby can make. It's a short book about a big brother that smells something horrible,  like a plume of toxic gas, the smell is so horrible he freaks out. He realizes that it's his brother's smell is a poopy diaper! It's a entertaining little book  that you can relate to if you have little ones in the house  and especially if you have two kids, because kids will say things like what is that smell. This book answers that questions for sure with great illustrations of the "gas"..haha! You can find this little book on utales. The author tells me they are trying to add some "fart" sound effects soon. Who doesn't love fart sounds! More about utales from their website:

uTales is a world of digital picture books for kids, driven by a worldwide community of passionate and professional writers and illustrators.
uTales is both a website and an app, but more importantly uTales is one big disruptive idea. We’re a global community aiming to innovate and improve the concept of books in every way we can. We’re making picture books more modern and engaging. We’re making a greater variety of picture books more accessible for kids everywhere. We’re eliminating boundaries for talented storytellers to get published. And we’re trying to make the world a little better for kids, one story at a time.

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  1. That sounds great and it's given me an idea! I have a story that seems too rude to be my initial foray into traditional publishing, but if uTales like that kind of humour, I think I may have something. Thanks!